The School holds several events throughout the School year in the hope of keeping in touch with as many of our OAs as possible. Regular events include the London Drinks Party, Jubilee Reunions and the Evening Carol Service in St Albans Abbey.

For more information about events, or to order tickets, please contact or call 01727 515187.  If you have any suggestions for OA events, or are interested in a reunion event for your year group we would be delighted to hear from you.

Founders' Day
Saturday 7th July 

Are you an OA who left the School between 2007 and 2017 or former staff? 

This year is the 2007 - 2017 Gaudy Reunion at Founders' Day and we hope to gather as many from each individual year group as possible. So please do spread the word to your fellow OAs and be sure to come along! 

If you're interested in joining us on Saturday 7th July, tickets can be booked at - we look forward to seeing you then!

Details on future events to follow...

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